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India has been a key supplier of red roses for peaks but Indifresh and Orion Flora working together have proven to our customers that through stringent checks a twelve month supply from India is possible.

Our success to ensure quality and supply has resulted in becoming and retaining a preferred supplier status of roses with a leading UK retailer for several years.

This success has been translated through the development of the “Stag Roses” brand. Stag Roses can be found in UK wholesale markets and stands for quality and consistency.

The portfolio of products increases year on year and besides horticultural products like carnations, fillers, chrysanthemum etc. fresh produce will also be added following the same model as flowers giving small and medium growers access to new markets.

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What our customers say

  • Fantastic for the busy periods like Xmas, Mother's Day and Valentines.

    Anup Ladva


  • The flowers arrived exactly when they were expected. Great price and quality.

    Bina Patel


  • The Roses were absolutely perfect for our function


    Fastlane Designs Ltd

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Stag Roses Orion Flora

Indifresh and Orion Flora together bring considerable horticulture expertise and have resulted in upgrading the supply chain of flowers from India, especially roses.

The STAG brand of roses in the wholesale markets in the UK depicts good quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.